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El Camino Real

29 Jun

You guyyyyysss! I’m back! I know what you’re thinking- dreams do come true! I’m not sure what brought me back and I can’t promise I’m here to stay, but here’s just enough to whet your appetite.

I’ve got a new taco partner, a friend named Ashley who’s a Mexican and hood rat in training. What I like about Ashley is that when I say things like “I know a really good place to eat but it’s not exactly the cleanest place…” she doesn’t bat an eye. For the past few months we’ve made weekly treks to Bonito Michoacan for tacos and Mexican Cokes. This week I revealed my past as a taco blogger and asked her if she’d like to join me. Thankfully, she was game.

We made our way to El Camino Real located at 7th Street and Minnesota-ish in KCK. To my more dirtbaggy friends and family- you’ve probably had lunch there after a trip to the court house that’s right across the street. The restaurant is pretty small with only about 10 tables in the whole joint. There isn’t a real theme to the d├ęcor except to describe it as something my grandma or myself would come up with if asked to design a restaurant dining room. From my seat there were no less than 3 Virgin Mary pictures in my line of sight.

For dinner I ordered an al pastor taco and a carnitas taco. Ashley went with two al pastor and one carne asada. We were brought a basket of chips and an empty ramekin to fill with the salsa that sits on the table. The salsa was passable with no discernible flavors except for what Ashley described as “tomato pastey.”


Our food came out pretty quickly with small bowls of onions and cilantro that allowed us to dress them ourselves. The only salsa in sight was the red stuff sitting on the table. I didn’t ask about green salsa because I’d assume if that were an option they would just bring it to the table as salsa verde is always preferred to red. I’ve never been much of a tacos al pastor fan, which is weird because it combines my two favorite foods- pineapple and tacos. When I was in Mexico last year I had super yummy tacos al pastor off the street so I thought perhaps I just needed to keep trying. I will say the tacos al pastor at El Camino Real were probably the best I’ve had in Kansas City, but they can’t hold a candle to the tacos I had in Mexico. Ashley agreed that their al pastor were better than those at Bonito Michoacan. The sticking point for me was the use of fresh pineapple over canned. The carnitas were bland but I was hungry so I ate it. I would also eat a book if I were hungry enough. Ashley felt her asada taco needed more flavor and was too dry. Luckily we had ice cold Mexican Cokes to wash our troubles away.


So that’s it. My first taco blog in about 2 years and it wasn’t super positive. Maybe I’m off my taco game, but probably not. I’d love to review your favorite taco spots (or at least eat there, snap a few pics and then never actually write the blog) so send me some recs!