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Caporales Mexican Food

13 Apr

Ahem… Sorry about that 2 year gap in posts. I didn’t stop eating tacos and I didn’t fall into a well. I’d also be lying if I said I’ve been busy. I just haven’t had the ganas to keep up with this thing. I’m not sure what’s compelling me to come back but here I am. It may be short lived…

Today I’m writing about  Caporales Mexican food located at 1260 Merriam Lane, Kansas City, KS. It wasn’t my intention to eat here this afternoon. My plan was to eat chilaquiles at Tacos on Wheels (which I’m planning to review later but don’t hold your breath) but changed my mind once I got in the car. 

The restaurant is in the “strip” of stores at the corner of Roe and Merriam lane. Basically it’s right next to that Family Dollar that used to host a swap and shop in the parking lot every weekend (maybe still does?). The place is clean and features your typical Mexican restaurant decorations- serapes and sombreros. I ordered my food to-go at the tiny window, but there are plenty of places to sit if you want to stay. The menu offers other Mexican restaurant staples such as enchiladas and burritos smothered in cheese. I had to search a bit for the street taco options but was happy to find them. I went with 3 tacos- asada, lengua and potato. 


I stole this pic off their public FB page because by the time I thought to take one it looked like this  

Let’s get the negatives out of the way.

  • They sent me home with a lemon instead of a lime. Is there another lime shortage I’m unaware of?
  • Calling the salsa mild is an understatement. Calling it salsa is being generous. I was sent with one tub of red “salsa” that tasted like V8. Perhaps I was profiled due to my light skin and sent with the sissy option? Or maybe if I stayed to eat I would have been given other salsa choices? Who knows. 
  • The potato taco was a mistake on my part. I don’t know why I ordered it. If you’re looking for a good potato taco go to Taco Bell, where the potato is at least seasoned and crispy. 
  • I’d have appreciated some of those radishes they featured in that pic above.

But it wasn’t all bad, people!

Aside from the lime and salsa missteps my other tacos were pretty good. The asada was decent. I’d eat another asada taco there but I don’t have much else to say about it. The real star of the whole meal was the lengua. The meat was cut into easy to manage cubes and perfectly cooked. It was seasoned well and super tender. From my first bite I was instantly remorseful that I didn’t order more. Obviously, I would have appreciated some actual salsa but the lengua was so good it wasn’t necessary. 

So, despite the mostly negative review I will go back to Caporales. Another important plus is the proximity to my house. Even though I probably won’t, I can ride my bike there in about 5 minutes. If I’m in need of a quick taco fix it’s nice to know I have options aside from the over priced, over hyped   Taco Republic. Next time I’ll stick to lengua and make sure I have other salsa and limes at home.

See you in 2 more years!