Food Truck Festival!

4 Aug

As I have mentioned before I LOVE food sold from sketchy sources-  grilled meat sticks from the window of a Paraguayan bus, fried chicken at a Honduran bus stop, fair food, tamales out of a Mexican lady’s trunk. I really could go on. So when I found out about the Food Truck Festival in Westport I knew I was in for a treat. I along with several of my favorite coworkers made our way to the festival ready to see what those trucks had to offer.

The Food Truck Festival was held in the backyard of the Beaumont Club and ran out onto Pennsylvania. After paying a $5 cover to get in we made our way around the perimeter to scope out our options. There were trucks from all walks of life- meatball trucks, cupcake trucks, organic trucks, and (most importantly) taco trucks. We paid way too much for  beers and made our way to the first taco truck.

I’ve eaten at Poco’s on the Boulevard a few times, several years ago and only for breakfast. So with fond memories I made my way to the Poco’s truck which was offering $2 tacos. I ordered one carne asada and my coworker, Daniel, ordered the same. There was a small salsa bar where we were allowed to dress our own tacos that included a few  different salsa options and pickled onions! I thought for sure the pickled onions were a sign of good things to come. Alas, that was not the case. The meat was pretty flavorful and tender. The onions were, of course, delicious and the salsa was decent. The tortilla, however, was a disappointment. It was rubbery and fell apart. One bite into the taco it split down the middle and my taco guts spilled all over the plate. The tortilla bites I did have were chewy and had a pretty undesirable consistency. Even Daniel, who doesn’t consider himself a taco expert, agreed that the taco needed some improvements. Disappointed we made our way to the next destination.

The next truck stop wasn’t a truck at all. It was just a Cancun Fiesta Fresh tent located in the Cancun Fiesta Fresh parking lot. I, again, ordered one carne asada taco with cilantro, onions and a lime. Daniel, again, ordered the same.  This time  the tortilla was soft and held its composure. I could chew it without wincing. The meat was delicious and tender. Daniel noted the difference in the tacos right away and agreed that the Cancun taco was far and away the better taco.

Had Poco’s used a different tortilla this would be a different post. I would have given them a pretty glowing review, if only for pickled onions.  Imagine going to Blanc and having them serve you a burger on white Wonder Bread. Wonder Bread might work on your burgers at home when you’re too cheap to go out for buns, but not in a restaurant. Bad tortillas might work at home when you don’t know any better about using quality tortillas, but not when you’re a mexican restaurant. I haven’t tried their in-store tacos, and they may be better when they aren’t being mass-produced. To be continued…


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