Miguel’s Catering and Carry Out

30 Jun

This week’s taco adventure took me to a really really small hole in the wall conveniently located 1 block away from my place in Mission, KS. It was a bit of a gamble, and luckily one that paid off.

Miguel’s Catering and Carry Out is at 5038 Lamar. It isn’t in the middle of a bustling strip mall, or surrounded by other restaurants. It isn’t surrounded by anything other than a tiny liquor store and a bunch of skuzzy apartment complexes (mine included). Blink and you will miss it. It hasn’t been open long, and given the location and lack of proper advertising, I’m not sure it will stay open long.

Annie and I made the 5 minute walk to Miguel’s after remembering the homemade sign advertising their  $1 Taco Tuesday special. The place is simple and appears to be family run. There are a few chairs inside that seem to be used primarily for waiting. Orders are placed at the bar, where a nice lady asks you what kind of meat you want. Our options were ground beef with potatoes, barbacoa, al pastor, asada, chicken in green sauce, chicken in red sauce, carnitas and pork in green sauce. The tacos are served on one corn tortilla with cilantro, onions and a your choice of salsa. I ordered one al pastor, one asada and one chicken in green sauce ( I was errantly given chicken in green sauce; I really wanted pork in green sauce. Perhaps I mumble too much.)  Annie ordered one carne asada, one chicken in red sauce and one pork in green sauce.

There isn’t much by way of seating at Miguel’s, which is probably why it’s called Miguel’s catering and CARRY OUT.  Annie and I were able to find some nice stoop space outside on the curb in front of the restaurant. Since there is basically nothing else of value in the strip we weren’t worried about the parking spaces filling up or having a car plow in to our faces. Miguel himself offered to pull the chairs back out on to the sidewalk for us, but we were fine where we were. We briefly considered running into the liquor store for a couple of tall boys, but weren’t sure of the public drinking laws in Mission and decided against it.

Despite its unassuming exterior Miguel’s tacos are surprisingly delicious. I found the carne asada tacos especially flavorful. And anything swimming in green sauce is usually in ace in my book. Annie enjoyed her tacos as well. She especially liked the chicken in red sauce. The pork in green sauce was a little spicy, but still delicious. My biggest complaint was that one tortilla wasn’t enough, especially for the saucy tacos. The shells just sorta fell apart in your hands as you ate.

If you read this and are into trying to keep small family owned restaurants in business you should try Miguel’s Catering and Carry Out. The hours leave a little to be desired- they close at 7pm. They do, however, serve breakfast between the hours of 6:30 and 10am. The breakfast menu appears to fall a little more on the traditional breakfast side, which is a shame; breakfast tacos make life worth living.

Do yourself (and Miguel and his family) a favor and find this little place, if only for the ability to pick up cheap delicious tacos and a six-pack in the same trip.


3 Responses to “Miguel’s Catering and Carry Out”

  1. Andrew July 13, 2011 at 6:33 am #

    Well its basic Mexican food. And by basic I mean most of everything in it was bought and pre-made at a restraint supply store. There is nothing there you couldn’t get and “assemble” yourself from your local grocery store.

    My 2nd time there I got a bean burrito and chile rellenos. The bean burrito was a store bought flour tortilla, filled with very salty refried beans, store bought veg and cheese, some kind of rice, and… I asked for sour cream but the bottle was out… she tried to squeeze some out and none would come out, she looked bellow the counter but she didn’t have any more so she was out. Ok, So I asked for some red salsa with that. They had none of that ready either so I watched here go to the fridge and pore some out of a gallon sized store bought container with a label into some cups for me. I don’t know about you but a Mexican restaurant that can’t even make their own salsa isn’t really a Mexican restaurant…
    Ok so the burrito still tasted ok all be it something I could make myself after a trip to Hy-Vee…

    Next up the chile relleno…

    When I first ordered she went to the stove and started shacking a little skillet. I thought ok this should be good… But to my disappointment when she was done assembling my burrito she just pulled the chile rellenos out of a little container covered in plastic wrap… It looked like a fried condom.. She warned me that there was a toothpick in it. When I took a bite it was stone cold, bland, burned, and so saturated with both grease and water from the chili it was just disgusting. I mean over the top bad. This may be the worst bite of food I have ever had. I spit it out. I suspect it was made days or weeks ago, and not very well when it was made.. Then frozen and reheated by steam and put in a steel container cover in plastic wrap over a steam table.

    Normally I would tell people to stay away but I almost want to ask people to go and just order the chile rellenos as a challenge to see if they have ever had a bite of food worse than that in their entire life! That’s just how bad it was.

    • tacothetown July 13, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

      Who is writing this taco blog, you or me? Thanks for your review.

    • tacothetown July 13, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

      Who is writing this taco blog, you or me? Thanks for your review.

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