Bonito Michoacan

31 May

Hello, fellow taco fans. I have recently made the jump from Tumblr to, because I never fully understood how to use Tumblr and I didn’t really like it that much. Thanks for following!

This week my taco hunting took me and Research Assistant James to Bonito Michoacan located at 10th and Minnesota in Kansas City, Kansas.  I’m a seasoned veteran of the streets of KCK, but James is a transplant from NYC and hasn’t had the pleasure of exploring the city. The whole ride there he kept asking me “where are you taking me?” Confused by the lack of Targets and Starbucks and the abundance of stores with names in foreign languages and rascal scooters on the street, James knew we weren’t  in JoCo anymore.

We went to Bonito Michoacan with no expectations.  What we found was a diamond in the rough. Bonito Michoacan isn’t your average taqueria. It is a goldmine for all your Mexican necessities: pinatas, Bimbo products, prepaid calling cards, candy covered in chili powder, etc. It also happens to serve some of the best tacos I have had in 27 years of taco eating.

When we arrived the line was long and snaking around the aisles and the dining area was full and abuzz with families enjoying heaping plates of tacos. The Taco Tuesday special at Bonito Michoacan is $1 street tacos with your choice of meats: lengua, carne asada, carnitas, shredded chicken, al pastor, and some others I wasn’t daring enough to try.  Like many of the best restaurants  orders are placed cafeteria style, paid for at the end of the line and then it’s up to you to stake out a place to sit. Tables are equipped with a variety of salsas- pico de gallo, two types of salsa verde, two types of red salsa and pickled onions.

Wanting to try an assortment of tacos, but not gorge myself, I ordered carne asada, al pastor and carnitas tacos. (I wanted to try the lengua but they were out.) James went with the gorging method and ordered 6 tacos- 2 chicken, 2 carne asada and 2 al pastor. The tacos were served in 2 soft warm corn tortillas with a heap of cilantro and onions. With all the salsa on the table I was a bit overwhelmed by the possibilities.  I think I sampled all of them and each was tastier than the last. The spicier ones were toned down with a refreshing gulp of horchata. 

Could this be the place I’ve been searching for? Have I found taco love? The only criticism I have of the tacos I sampled is that the carnitas were really fatty and chewy. When I return to Bonito Michoacan I’ll probably pass on the carnitas and load up on the carne asada and al pastor tacos. James noted a sick feeling after all eating those tacos and joked that they had poisoned the gringo, but I maintain that he shouldn’t have eaten 6 tacos. (James acknowledges that he had probably gorged himself and was NOT poisoned by those delicious tacos.) 

While I can’t say enough good things about the tacos at Bonito Michoacan, my search still continues…



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One Response to “Bonito Michoacan”

  1. Janki June 15, 2011 at 6:06 am #

    When are you going to check out the Taco Mat? They’re having a special, 100 tacos for $100. You can borrow my wheelbarrow to carry them if you want.

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